Monday, March 1, 2010

Breaking News - Back to School Special

Interviewer: Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. So you're about to have a major change in your life, would you like to share it with the folks?
V. Thomas: Yes, I've applied and been accepted into the MBA program at Norwich University.

Interviewer: But you don't live in Vermont.
V. Thomas: They have a program that can be done remotely.

Interviewer: Like an "online" program? Will you really learn anything?
V. Thomas: The program consists of online lectures, reading assignments, online discussions, conference calls for group projects, and a research paper due at the end of every week.

Interviewer: How did you decide on this program?
V. Thomas: I read a lot of reviews of programs and I liked this one the most. It is a university with a campus instead of just being an online entity, the class sizes are small, and they offer an emphasis that interests me (Organizational Leadership). I also like that they require an on campus "residency" at the end of the program where you go to the school and meet your classmates and professors before you graduate.

Interviewer: How do you plan on making time for the work?
V. Thomas: Well the program is designed for working professionals. So I'm going to try to complete it after my mom work hours, during naps, and sigh...Saturdays. If that doesn't work, I might have to do some serious work to get Rachel a job out here.

Interviewer: OK, so the real question on everone's mind is - what if you have another baby? What then?
V. Thomas: The program cycle starts 4 times a year, so if I need to take some time off and then go back it should work.

Interviewer: Thanks for meeting with us, and good luck.