Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recreating the Past

One great toddler picture of me that has survived is from a snowy day when I was around 20 months old (see below).  One day my mom found a jacket for sale that reminded her so much of that picture that she had to buy it, and a year ago she gave it to Levi for Christmas.  For the last 14 months we've been trying to convince Levi to help us recreate the past (much like this) by posing for a picture in the jacket.  But with Santa Barbara palm trees in the background the picture never looked quite right and the project stalled.

Once we moved here and after receiving buckets of snow the project resumed with only one little hurdle to overcome.  I took this video so you can appreciate this little hurdle in all his "terrible two" glory.

We have this same conversation a lot, and for the last two months he has refused to touch the coat.  But eventually with a bit of coaxing we were able to get him in costume and outside.  And here is the result.

And with a little help from photoshop here is an enhanced version.

What do you think?  Levi seems to think it is funny.