Sunday, March 27, 2011

3.75 yrs

In primary, they were introducing all the new 3yr olds by singing a little song that included the kid's name and something that they like to do. They would bring up each kid and ask them to name a favorite activity, then sing a little song "hello to ___, who likes to___". So the song leader was going through the kids and they were saying things like, I like to read books and I like to play trains. When they brought Levi up they sang the first part of the song and said, Levi, what do you like? His response - "I like turning light switches on and off."

Good job kid, I bet all those other guys were wishing they could change their answer.

Friday, March 25, 2011

You can tell Georgia

The snows of march took us south for the winter, all the way to Atlanta. We enjoyed family, food, and being outdoors. A highlight of the trip, for which there are few pictures, was the REI garage sale. This involved standing in line for an hour with other outdoorsy folks listening to Bob Marley, then a mad hunt of a shopping trip to get winter outerwear and footwear at 50-80% off its original price.
Carrie, Lucy, and Theo were great hosts, giving up their beds and sharing their toys.
Oh and we even got to enjoy a short visit from Krissie, Stellan, and Rochelle. All said it was a great vacation. And the weather in NH had improved while we were away, making it much easier to come back... and put on our new coats.