Monday, April 27, 2009

early childhood developments

I have collected a few evidences that Levi is getting older. In the past couple of weeks Levi has:
-grown tall enough to hit his head on the cutting board
-walked the zoo on his own two legs.
-threw a real for real temper tantrum about nothing
-learned to say "earth" and point to it on a picture of the solar system (thanks krissie and kevin for the placemats)
-had an opinion about what shoes to wear
-tried to skip his nap
-learned to say his own name, although it will be awhile before it sounds like Levi instead of Beebi.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

The Jerry had an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Long Beach and we all went along for the ride. We stopped at the LA temple on Friday, then to LB the next morning. Sunday, the day for which I have no photographic evidence, we went to church, then to Lauren and TJ's for pozole (a tasty tasty soup). TJ and Lauren gave Levi an awesome easter basket from Oaxaca. And instead of plastic eggs, they got plastic sports balls and filled them with candy. A basketball with candy inside??? Nothing could be better.

A side story from yesterday:
So, many of you know that Levi is pretty quick on the uptake with most activities in the sports category. For example, we gave him a soccer ball, he kicked it. We set up a basketball hoop, he threw a ball into it. And on and on. Well last night we were playing Wii Tennis and he was very entertained watching the tv. After Rachel and I finished a game I looked down to see that Levi was holding the tv remote. He was looking up and the tv and would swing the remote like a tennis racket and say "boom". Hmm, I wonder if Wii Tennis will be a collegiate sport?

Catching up

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Here is my catching up post.