Sunday, April 10, 2011

When will the snow go?

This is a question I ask every day. Sadly, the only thing I can say with certainty is that the snow is not gone yet.

Right in front of our apartment doesn't get much sun and in the picture you can see the glacier that has formed on our walkway. I took this picture in disgust on April Fools' Day during yet another snow storm (that is two Aprils in a row that we've been snowed on... some sort of punishment for leaving Santa Barbara I presume).

While we wait impatiently for spring to actually arrive maybe we can play a little game. Does anybody out there have a good guess for when the snow will melt completely?

If you can guess the day right maybe we could send you some melted snow as a reward. 

Here are some clues to help your guesses. First, it has rained a bit this evening, and below is one additional picture of the same glacier from this morning (9 days later). What do you think? Gone tomorrow?

And as a bonus for getting to the end of the post, here is one more picture from this morning of them both looking awesome.