Thursday, January 27, 2011


While preschool is a big part of our life, I haven't posted any pictures because, well, I try my best to avoid posting pictures of other people's kids online. At least ones that don't have blogs themselves. So here are some unidentifiable kids in photos from some of our activities.

Being in charge preschool has been a challenge and a stress for me. It definitely isn't something that has come naturally. The first few sessions I felt like I was holding my breath for 2.5 hours, worrying about what might go wrong or annoyed that I totally misjudged what would be interesting. But over time, I am getting to know the kids and am becoming better at judging what/how many activities to plan.
Best activities so far:
- building a volcano
- talking about hot/cold then making popsicles and popping pop corn.
- reading the 3 little pigs then acting out the story with puppets
- "sensory tank" See #3 picture above.

Worst so far:
- Painting noodles
- Learning parts of a tree
- Nature walk in which one kid hit another kid in head with large stick
- Cleaning pennies with a toothbrush. I got this idea from a book and even with the salt/vinegar solution they proposed, the pennies did NOT come clean. Loss of interest in 9.2 seconds.