Sunday, December 2, 2007

Apple, Tree

Since Levi was born we have had many conversations with friends that start with something like "So which of you does he take after?" or "Who do you think he looks like?". I find most of these conversations to be a little puzzling, and they all seem to eventually end up with both Vivian and I modeling our noses, eyes, chins, ears, toe nails, etc so that our friends can take a closer look at our genetic code and inheritable traits. Inevitably I find myself dissatisfied with the lack of scientific rigor in these discussions and am frankly a little embarrassed to say things like "I've had this nose since puberty, not since birth." So I've just let it go... until now.

I present for you a side by side comparison of Levi at 4.5 months (on left) and yours truly at about 6 months old (on right). So I guess I should ask you, do you see any resemblance? Maybe the better question is who is fatter?