Saturday, October 29, 2011

The inner circle

Two years ago, I decided I wanted to put ads on some of my youtube videos just to see what kind of revenue they generated.  Come to find out, you have to get invited in to the revenue sharing program and before you do that, you have to have a video that people, other than your friends and family, actually watch.  No problem, Rachel and I set about making a wildly popular youtube video called "How to make perfect princess Leia hair".  Which has a been more like "mildly" popular.  THEN fast forward to the present (2 years and 45,000 views later) and I recieve an email with this heading: "Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos".  Whaaat??  I am in! We did it!  Lets start earning the big bucks!

Rachel and I said back when we posted this that we would take any money it made use it for a noble purpose.  But now we can't remember what that was, so any suggestions?  So far we've come up with: ice cream.

Here's the video in case you want to watch and up our view count: