Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here we go a-costuming

I love halloween. I really like to see what everyone comes up with for costumes. I also really like rummaging around the house and creating (semi) legitimate looking costume from stuff that is already there. For example, friend Hilary who made a "where the wild things are" costume from two white kitchen towels. Another good example: you may remember Rachel as Princess Leia made by spending zero whole dollars.
Here's the breakdown of what we came up with this year:

Vivian as : GOB, a character from the hilarious, but not well known show "Arrested Development"
1. Shirt - $2.95
2. Frozen Bananas - $2.50
3. Scooter - Borrowed from Jo
4. Sign, cards, flip flops - free
5. Trying to create the 'illusion' of male pattern baldness on myself: Priceless

Rachel as Viking Warrior
Start with 1 viking helmet
Then add:
1 brown Moby wrap baby sling
2 shoe laces from hiking boots
1 flyswatter covered in cardboard, tin foil, and a tie from some pants
1 fleece baby blanket
1 heaping cup of Rachel attitude

Levi as Your Friendly Neighborhood Garbage Man
I found every part of this in my house somewhere except for the $0.99 spent on a black posterboard to finish off the garbage can with a lid. The best part about this costume was how much Levi liked pushing the can around and pretending to be a garbage man.

Happy Halloween!