Thursday, September 3, 2009

Los Alamos Stats

Jerry has accepted the offer from Los Alamos National Labs. So I thought I'd share some things you may not know about the town of Los Alamos.
-Location: Northern New Mexico
-Distance from Santa Barbara: 985 miles
-Distance from Dan and Amanda Allen (former next door neighbors): 92 miles
-Elevation: 7,300 ft
-Population: 12,000 (apparently 190,000 people live within a forty mile radius, ok?)
-Average high in summer: 80 (F) Yes, you read that right.
-Annual Snow Fall: 46 in (No, I don't currently own a "coat" or anything close to it)
-Closest ski resort: 10 miles away
-It was originally founded as an assembly facility for the first atomic weapons. The location was selected specifically for its "remoteness".
-Not to be confused with: The Alamo