Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Theory of Travel Toy Relativity

Not all toys are equal, especially when it comes to traveling by air. Some are not sufficiently entertaining to justify the space they consume in the carry-on luggage. Some are only slightly entertaining, but because of their size, worth having as an option.
In this holiday travel season, herein lies my newest theory. The theory of Travel Toy Relativity. Each toy gets a score for weigh/space and a score for amount of projected time (based on past observation) that they might entertain a toddler in a confined space. Extra points if these items are disposable. All toys that fall beneath the 1:1 ratio line are given a chance at a spot in the bag.

My best items on our recent trip was asking for extra cups from the beverage cart. We stacked them up pyramid style, moved pennies from one to another, and then tossed them.

Do you have any favorite travel toys?