Thursday, December 20, 2007

It was a dark and stormy morning...

Rain is such a rare thing here in California that on Tuesday morning when I saw the rain I honestly couldn't remember how we're supposed to deal with it. Do we cancel all our plans? Do we curl up into the fetal position until the storm passes? How was I going to travel two whole miles to get to campus? Well maybe I can borrow the car from Vivian today. Let me ask... uh, she said no. Now what?

I was about to admit defeat and go back to bed when I remembered that I own a rain jacket. Then Vivian reminded me that we also own some waterproof pants (the tags were still on the pants... I guess we were saving them for a rainy day). It was decided, I was going to tough it out and ride the bike to school. So I confronted the light rain, mild temperatures, and slight headwind with only my trusty Cannondale to get me through.

I learned on my commute to school that if you forget to tie your shoes before leaving you can bet that all of the water that hits your pants will end up inside of your shoe.

Since the quarter just ended I didn't expect to see very many people on the bike path, and there weren't any except for a stationary Mustang with two girls in it that looked lost. And it is not so strange to find cars in bike lanes, except that the bike path at this point goes through a field and is completely separate from the road. Did they make a wrong turn? Did they think that little road looked cute? I guess, maybe that light rain can be a little disorienting, so be careful out there.