Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Levi's Theme Song

Carrie and Claire found this song for Levi. Carrie made a cd with this and other hilarious and fitting songs such as "I don't want to cry tonight" by Volebeats and "Baby did a bad bad thing" (a diaper song) by Chris Isaak.

Click here to listen:

Levi - By Greg Ross
(lyrics written here are the way we like to sing it, Levi O instead of Levi Shane)

Born to put a smile on anyone's face
He can put a song in the whole human race
So I sing this song for Little Levi
Levi - O

Born just west of the cascade range
In a world in need of change
Could you please make it better?
Little Levi
Levi - O

There's a whole lot of love, Little Levi
A whole lot of love is gonna get you by
There's a whole lot of love, your momma says, Levi
Levi - O

Born a part of a big a family
Will you be what you need to be?
What would you like to be? Little Levi
Levi - O

Born a small child
but it won't be long
You'll be a man big and strong
Right and wrong you'll know, Little Levi
Levi - O