Friday, November 2, 2012

Gainfully Employed

This week I started my new job at Dartmouth Hitchcock Memorial Hospital!  The position is management of database systems that relate to charges coming out of the OR.  And no, I can't really explain it better than that because I think after 20 hours of training, I've only scratched the surface of the information I need to understand in order to do my job.  Some of it is definitely starting to sink in, so I'm feeling confident that I will understand it eventually.   I'm excited to get to the point where I am actually contributing instead of being a drain on the system.

I included a picture of the hospital at night because, when starting work at 6:30am, this is what it looks like! To answer other questions you might have: Jerry has been doing great with the morning parenting shift, getting the kids up and out the door.  Gwen stays with our neighbor, who is wonderful, until I get off at 10:30.  Except for Levi often waking up when I get up, the logistics have been working out pretty smoothly.