Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Project Wrap Up

 It seems like after Christmas I always find myself with a void of projects, events, and general busyness.  Put that together with the cold weather and January can be a pretty slow month.  Having remembered this from years past, I decided to pick up some new projects and try to learn a few things.  Here they are:

#1- Wrap skirt: Inspiration- picture below that I saw on Pinterest.

 How I did it: Found a remnant at the fabric store for $1.30 and used every inch to make this cute thing that she will fit for a long time.
 #2- Master Yoda
How I did it: Foam and elastic from craft store, $2.25 for tan sheet and $0.75 for brown pillow case from thrift store. Oh and don't forget the connected marker saber.
 #3 Apron Dress: Inspiration-This unbelievably adorable dress that Carrie bought for Gwen.
 How I did it: Leftover fabric from my table (humming the sound of music in my head), liner from a skirt I don't wear, front of a shirt I don't wear.
#4 Table redo: Inspiration- I had/have an ugly table and asked Dad and Kathy for some ideas.  They gave me the idea to cover it with fabric. And I found this one online.

How I did it: Fabric on sale from store $5, shower curtain $5, borrowed an electric screwdriver and staple gun from a friend and went to work.  Still have to do something with the bottom part of the table and the chairs (dumpster find).  You may be able to see in this picture that one of the chairs and one of the table legs are sanded. 
 #5 Pinwheel painting: Inspiration- I'm not sure where I first saw this, but I liked it a lot and knew I could do it.
How I did it: My biggest budget project so far as $25 for a large piece of stretched canvas and $9 of paint.  I drew out the lines lightly with a pencil then filled them in, going in and out of the lines. It is finished, although I like this picture of me working on it.  I still need to cover it with something like polyurethane or some other finisher to protect it from jedi fights.
#6 homemade pizza.  Some people do it well, I do not.
How I'm doing it: this one is a work in progress.  I've tried 5 times with 3 different recipes and 3 different pan preparation strategies I've gone from one end of the soggy spectrum to crispy cracker pizza on the other.  I think I've got a few more miles to go on my pizza quest.
#7 Another ongoing project is this high chair.  I found it for $10 and it took some serious work to get it to this stage. I removed lot of old crusty lace and also recovered the tray the same way I did the table top.  I think I need spring to come so I can take it outside and give it some new paint.
 So there you have it, the january wrap-up.  Next up: Finishing the table, decorating the toy room, more pizza, more costumes.  Hopefully I won't have to wait until next January to do some more projects.