Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enjoying winter - part 2

It all started with a question. "You guys don't have snow shoes, do you?" Thanks to my nice sister who gave her snowshoes to my other nice sister who then gave the snowshoes to me for Christmas, I was able to answer "Yes" to that question.
The event was "Full Moon Fiesta" which involved a 1/4 moon and no salsa. What it did involve was a 45 hike up a hill to a farm. The farm had a field with a 1/2 mile circle lit by tiki torches. At 6 different stations around the trail, local restaurants were sponsoring food tables. So, we would trek to the first station and have hot cider then to the next station for chili, the next for cinnamon sticks, etc. Each station had it own little campfire. The end was a big campfire for making s'mores. It was great wintertime fun. Being outside, trekking through the woods, feeling like the snow made this event more enjoyable instead of less.

Friends who invited us.

Here I am trying to figure out if I can get in there without taking my snowshoes all the way off.