Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Levi Meets Levi again

On Friday we all went up to Solvang for stage 6 of the Tour of California. The tour decided to snub Santa Barbara this year, so we drove 30 minutes to go see the time trial. We had two goals for the day: see some famous cyclists and eat at Mortensen's Danish Bakery. You see- Jerry's grandpa is named Jerry Mortensen. No relation to this particular bakery, but we're sure the family lines intersect. Anyway, a bike race and the prospect of an authentic danish pastry was enough to get four of us on the road.

The other goal was to see Levi Leipheimer defend his title in the race. Long time followers of this blog may remember when Levi Thomas and Levi Leipheimer met last year:

Well, we didn't wait outside his trailer for the photo op this year, but we did watch him ride a great time trial. If you watch the video closely enough, you can see him wave to Levi on his way by. I thought that was nice.

tour of california from Jerry Thomas on Vimeo.