Wednesday, February 27, 2008

True Love

When Jerry said that he would watch Levi so that Rachel and I could go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival this year, I knew he must love me a lot. His only request as we walked out the door was- If you win anything in the raffle, I get it. I agreed. I knew it was a more than a fair trade. Its in a room of about 800 people, and they only have 5 or so prizes. Plus- I have been attending this film festival almost every year since 2001 and have never won anything in the raffle.

Until now.

When we arrived at Campbell Hall, Rachel, SLC Ian, Michelle and Andrew Magnusson and I all carefully filled out our raffle papers. Jen had reminded us to crinkle the paper so that it has some volume in the raffle box. We all proceeded to use different techniques to optimize the volume for a 1/2 sheet of paper. I also wrote "pick me!" in a few places on the paper. I also told my friends of my promise to Jerry. Then we put the papers in the box.

We watched two amazing films, then it was time for the drawing. They raffled a subscription to national geographic and an MSR stove. Those went to some losers with flat entries. Then they brought out a patagonia long sleeve polartec shirt. Ooh baby (These retail at about $85). They pull the paper- ITS WRINKLED! The guy with the mic says "well this person wrote 'pick me' on their entry, I guess it worked". As they call my name, I stand up in a victorious, two fists raised over the head celebration. Then he says something I never expected-

"Would you like the women's or the men's?"

With my arms still over my head I am stunned by the significance and weight of his question.

I am proud to say that it only took a moment to make the right decision. That, my friends, is true love.