Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Football Weekend

We went home to Fresno this weekend for the big Boise State, Fresno State football game. Since Grandpa (from Boise) came down and bought us all tickets, he made sure we all sat in the Boise State section which meant we got to enjoy the game from the "visitors" angle. Our seats were next to the aisle so we had a sea of Fresno fans on our left and the visiting Boise fans to our right. Even though I was wearing Fresno State colors I still felt persecuted. Most everybody talks cordially to the opposing fans, and some are even friendly, but it is hard to focus on this cordial majority when the vocal minority is literally barking like dogs at you after every play. Despite my reluctance to be associated with a few of these fans I was still rooting for Fresno, so I was sad to see them go down this week. I was hoping this would be the year for Fresno to take back the conference title, but I guess our Bulldog bark is bigger than our bite.

On an unrelated note, another game this weekend had an incredible finish. Anybody who appreciates the improbable come-from-behind win should take a look at this video.